October 19th, 2018


Political Post

I've had these thoughts rolling around my brain for some time (like a BB in a boxcar) and am finally putting them in writing. Basically I think that most of us "normal" people are sick of politics, at least in their current state. I read my Stupidbook feed and everyone is reposting shit about Trump. A few conservatives post shit about Hillary or Pelosi, but they are few and far between. Normally I consider myself a middle-of-the-road kinda guy, but for the first time in my life I am going to vote for every (D) on the ballot. To me the Republican Party is totally morally corrupt with no virtues whatsoever. I thought I could at least hang my hat on their fiscal conservative platform, but even that has gone out the window. Basically they stand for nothing. I would rather have a totally dysfunctional gridlocked Congress than one under control of the idiots that now reside there ramrodding through policies of the other idiot in the White House. In a way I can sort of understand Trump. I think he and Zuckerberg have a lot in common with their philosophy of "move fast and break things." It might work for a new start-up, but not for a world-leading economy. All he is causing is chaos which is exactly what The Market hates. He also doesn't seem to care that it's a bad idea to help a few hundred of his supporter farmers/steel workers at the expense of several thousand others. So I will be voting for chaos in the hopes that from the ashes might rise some bi-partisan legislation.

I could also write a whole post about the whole Kavenaugh debacle, but I would probably come across as misogynist and uncaring. What I will say is that I was highly disappointed in the shitshow that came from his confirmation hearing. The Democrats came off as total whiny bitches. Yes, I can understand the frustration of not having your guy confirmed under Obama. Mitch McConnell is a complete and total douchebag traitor, but there was no need to sink to his level. The lesson that should have been learned is YOU SHOULDN'T LOSE THE DAMN ELECTION! America spoke in 2016 because your policies sucked! Your candidate for president sucked! You lost! To the victor belong the spoils. I was sick of the whole "Oh noez! Now the Supreme Court will be more conservative!" And don't you think if the tables were turned there would be cries of "Oh noez! Now the Supreme Court will be more liberal!" If you hadn't lost power, you could have had more of a say. But you lost! So lick your wounds and get on with it! I certainly hope there will be a "blue wave" next month. We need some more balance. And as much as I like Bill Maher, I wish he would STFU about how Trump will eventually declare himself dictator and never leave power. Saying shit like that is just total fear mongering which should be left to the professionals...the Republicans.