October 25th, 2018



No, not a post about that horrible album by Sugar Ray (that at least gave us the song "Fly"). We are in the process of replacing all of the flooring in the house. The carpet has survived 20 years of cat and dog bodily functions and is in need of replacing. We're opting for tile to replace most of the downstairs since it should be easier to maintain. It might be cooler, but that's not necessarily a bad thing in the desert. There is certainly no shortage of tile/flooring stores in the city. There are literally dozens. They just opened up a new "Floor and Decor" which is like the Home Depot of flooring. Their prices can't be beat, but you still need a professional installer. Surprisingly we have found the best deal is through Costco. They have one local contractor that handles the installation and one product line. And since it's through Costco, you know that you're somewhat protected because their reputation is on the line. Plus the prices are great since it's essentially a member benefit. In addition to all of that, if you use your Costco credit card, you get cash back. Plus they are currently offering an additional 15% cash back with a Costco cash card. And it covers both materials AND labor! So a $5000 job earns you a $750 cash card PLUS $200 rebate on your membership. Win! We're almost to the point of signing a contract. We just need to decide on a color. We'll also probably get new carpet for the upstairs using the same deal. What is funny is that we received a whole bunch of samples to help us decide on a color. One color is a way-too-dark brown, but our cats have chosen it as their new favorite spot in the house. Here it is. A small 2'x2' swatch of brown carpet laying in the middle of the living room. That's exactly the spot where everyfur decided is the perfect place to catch a nap.