October 26th, 2018


Morning Commute LOLs

There is a viral video of a guy driving very slowly on a 2-lane road because there is some farm machinery up ahead. Right in front of him is a cop. It is a long no passing zone, but the guy in back of him gets impatient and goes barreling past him as well as the cop. Lights go on and the guy gets busted much to the delight of the person filming. Something similar happened to me this morning.

I usually travel due east from home and then turn south on a street that goes right past my office. I know the timing of the lights so if it looks like I won't get past an earlier N-S street, I take that street instead because I know I will catch a green arrow to turn south. I then take a different street to get to the street I want. So I'm approaching the first street and know that I won't make it. I get into the right turn lane to catch the green arrow which should turn on as the light for thru traffic goes red. Right in front of me is a cop who is in a pickup instead of a regular car. I had been watching a car in my rearview mirror who was weaving in and out of lanes and riding peoples' bumpers in his/her quest to get in front of everyone. He/she saw an opening and went soaring through the intersection. Too bad for him/her the light had turned red a few seconds earlier. Yup. The lights went on on the pickup in front of me. Busted! I lol'd.