November 2nd, 2018



Believe it or not, I have a job interview today. I had all but given up on getting another position this late in the game, but something came up at a sister agency and I decided to throw my hat into the ring. I have no plans on leaving the city since the house is paid off and I really can see myself retiring here. Job prospects are few and far between in my field. The most obvious move would be to the Corps of Engineers, but I can't stand the military culture. There are only a couple of other agencies that have hydrologists on staff and a vacancy opened up at one with a promotion potential. So I was all over it. I'm not looking for a major career change. I'm, as Supergrass would say, in it for the money. Retirement in based on your "high 3" salary years. So if I can make an extra $5-6000/year for 3 years, that's an extra $100-200 a month for life. So we shall see. It would be interesting to jump ship at this stage of the game, but as I said, it would only be for a few years.