November 17th, 2018



Thursday was another concert. Yup! 2 in one week! It's a good thing I'm on vacation (more about that in another post). This time it was David Crosby of Crosby, Stills, and Nash fame. I had seen CS&N in 1984 and Crosby looked totally stoned. A few months later he was busted for drugs in TX and ended up doing time. You would think that his career would be pretty much over, but he got himself sober and went on to write a lot of material. He put out more solo albums as well as getting back with Stills and Nash. I saw that he would be performing at the same theater that Todd performed at on Monday, so I got tickets. Fortunately I read something about his upcoming performance in our local art paper, so I could better appreciate the show. He is touring with 3 up-and-coming jazz musicians and promoting a new album with them that just dropped a few weeks ago. People wanted him to perform his old classics, but he mostly played songs from the new album. And there was nothing wrong with that! The article said that the new material was getting a lot of positive buzz, and I can certainly see why. It was almost like a grandfather was playing with his grandkids. The old master was sharing his 50 years of experience with a new generation and they in turn were sharing new tricks to an old dog. The 4-part harmony was as good as ever. But it wasn't all new stuff. They ended the show with a jazzy rendition of "Deja Vu" followed by an encore of "Woodstock" and "Ohio." I'll say it once again; it's great living in a city where we can get such major performers in intimate venues at reasonable prices.