November 21st, 2018



Last year I used all of my leave for the year since I did a lot of traveling (FC, visit to Mom, eclipse trip, Europe). This year I just didn't have the urge to go anywhere. I passed on FC and only made a couple of trips to visit Mom. That left me with a significant amount of "use-or-lose" leave. Since Thanksgiving (TG) was so early this year, it set up one of those ideal conditions when Veterans' Day and TG were only a week apart. This allows you to take only 8 days of vacation time to get 2 full weeks of actual time off. So I have been home for a week and a half now in what I'm calling a precursor to retirement. Can I survive just sitting at home and doing "nothing?" The answer so far has been "yes." I did go to work on Friday since there was a field trip to Santa Fe already scheduled and I really wanted to go on it. Part of the trip was to go to one of the City's reservoirs which are off limits to the public. Even though we are living in the desert, both Albuquerque and Santa Fe have robust water supplies which should be able to sustain the population into the middle of the century. But outside of that, I have been just hanging out at home. Of course I have been preparing for the new floor install which should happen in a couple of weeks. So I have been boxing up books, records, and knicknacks and carrying everything into the garage. Of course there were those 2 concerts already posted about here in LJ. Oh, and I did have some "fun" yesterday by having a toenail removed. It has been a problem for years. I thought it was toenail fungus, but the doctor said I had a medical condition that causes the nail to start to grow at a 90 degree angle. It was also so thick and brittle that normal clippers just couldn't handle it. I think I squicked the doc when I told him I had to use a hacksaw to trim the nail. But now it's gone! Buh bye! So now we're just waiting for Al and Dex to come in from LA for the holiday. They'll be once again staying at Scritch's since he is cat-free. And now I'm off to move more stuff out to the garage and later take Kitty out for her birthday dinner.