November 26th, 2018


Staycation Results

I'm back at work today. It certainly didn't feel like I have been away for 2 weeks. Perhaps it's because hardly anyone else was in the office over the last few days as well. *shrugs* What I learned was that even though I was home for 2 weeks, I still had shit to get done with some socializing thrown in for fun. I did a lot of binge watching but hardly any reading. I got some work done in the yard, but I found that with Fall/Winter temps and hours of daylight, there is only a narrow window just after noon when it's really pleasant to be outside. Unlike in summer, it's not pleasant to sit on the patio at night to enjoy the stars. My internal schedules did get messed up quite a bit. I added about an hour and a half to my sleep schedule just because I could. My eating schedule was thrown way off at first, but I slowly worked into a more healthy routine by the end. So I concluded that I didn't have enough data to accurately predict if I could successfully carry out retirement. But as I had posted about in the past, there is a big difference in having a finite amount of vacation time and an infinite amount of free time. Even though 2 weeks seemed like a long time, the thought of going back to work was always sitting there in the back of my mind, not allowing me to be totally free. Now it's time to figure out how must "use-or-lose" leave I still have this year to plan my Xmas break.