December 3rd, 2018


Floored - Pt 2

Back in October I made a post about getting a new floor for the entire downstairs. Well, work began today. It has been quite stressful getting EVERYTHING off of the floor from furniture to a large potted plant. Al, Dex, and Scritch helped us move a bunch of stuff to the garage over TG, but there was still a lot of stuff to move including all of the fursuits. I'm actually liking walking into the guest bedroom and having NOTHING in there. So clutter-free! It's nice to have the living room with just the TV, my chair, and the sofa. I'm thinking about taking the plunge and buying a soundbar for the TV. I bought my current sound system back in 2005 and just now realized how much technology has advanced since then. It looked like optical cable was going to win the surround sound battle, but HDMI became the standard. I was disconnecting all of the wires from the receiver and started pining for a nice bluetooth wireless system. I think I'll be shopping some Xmas sales to see what I can come up with. But for now the house is in total disarray. The good news is that it's also giving us a reset on some of the clutter. If things got put in a box, maybe it will stay there or make a nice trip to Goodwill. Stay tuned for updates and pics!