December 13th, 2018


Heart Tech

My doctor wanted some continuous monitoring of my heart, so he prescribed a monitor to be worn continuously for 48 hours. I went to the hospital to pick it up and have it fitted for me. It's basically just 4 leads connected to various parts of my chest with all of the wires going into a small module about the size of a garage door opener. But the cool part is that the data are all sent wirelessly to the cloud where a central company processes the data in real time. I thought there was some sort of internal memory or SD card in the module that I'm wearing, but no, instant remote heart monitoring! I got to see how the system worked this morning when I woke up and made my way to the bathroom. The phone rang. Who the hell is calling me at 5:30?!? It was the monitoring company. My heart must have fluttered or something just as the alarm had gone off. Hopefully THAT'S not an issue. But now I know the system works. Is this a great time to be alive or what!