April 2nd, 2019



I've seen stories that the annual Cherry Blossom Festival is in high gear in Washington. I'm happy to announce that my cherry tree has put out a few flowers this year. Yay! Kitty can also relish in a time-honored tradition of her ancestral homeland where cherry blossom festivals are a huge thing. I remember a short documentary a few years ago about how the blossoms represented hope and rebirth as well as representing the fragility of the beauty of life which was a major boost the Japan's psyche after the earthquake and tsunami. I'm just happy to have a few flowers after we were shut out last year. In other tree news I have my claws crossed that a cool spell a few days ago didn't have any effect. One weather report said lows would be around 33, but when I checked my thermometer that morning it read 30. It was a very frosty morning, so maybe the extra humidity helped. I still have lots of little fuzzy green balls on the apricot tree. Hopefully they don't drop. Nothing yet on the plum, peach and nectarine, but the flowers are still blooming.