April 8th, 2019


Working for the Weekend

Retirement keeps looking better and better. I got so frustrated yesterday that I just went into random bouts of cursing. It was a super nice day and I really wanted to just sit outside and soak up the warm weather and sunshine. Today it's supposed to hit 80 for the first time this year, but then everything turns to crap again on Wednesday. But yesterday just pointed out the dichotomy of weekends for the working man. The weekend should be a time of relaxation but at the same time it's a time to get shit done that didn't get done during the week. It would be nice to sit and read a book, but it would also be nice to get into the garden and plant some stuff. So while I had fun having lunch with Kitty and then going out shopping to hit up the sales, by the time I got all of the mundane chores of the week out of the way, it was almost sunset. And there was STILL a huge list of tasks to get done! Neil Young certainly had it correct; a man needs a maid.