April 15th, 2019


Turning Into My Father

We've had a house guest at Furcentral all week with czar_wolfhound attending a professional conference in the city. After we went out for breakfast on Saturday we went shopping for a few grocery items. I decided I would whip up a meatloaf for dinner. And since every get-together is better with scritchwuff we invited him over as well. So I whipped up my 75 Market St meatloaf with some mashed potatoes and fresh asparagus. We turned on the TV and the Stanley Cup playoffs were on with Toronto at Boston. It was an extremely hard-hitting game and we ended up watching the whole thing. This was weird because none of us are that into hockey, but we watched it anyways.

On Sunday I got up at my usual time and turned on "CBS Sunday Morning," another sign that we're getting old *lol*. Unfortunately it was preempted by The Masters golf tournament. Before I knew it I was totally getting into it. I NEVER watch golf, but this was essentially the Super Bowl of golf. So I justified watching it by thinking that there are many people who don't watch football, but they'll watch the Super Bowl. Soon Kitty came down to join me and made fun of me for watching golf. Before too long, however, she started to get into it as well. As it turned out we witnessed a spectacular finish with Tiger Woods making a historic comeback.

Afterwards I joked that I was really turning into my dad. He LOVED watching sports. It didn't matter if it was baseball, football, golf, basketball, he always had a game on. Me, I'm only really into football. But here I was watching hockey and golf. I think this was just a passing phase. I'd much rather watch a good drama or movie. We did that as well over the weekend watching the Oscar-award winning documentary "Free Solo" about the guy who free-climbed El Capitan in Yosemite. Of note there was another climber in the movie who was using ropes and was dressed in a pink bunny suit.

The weekend ended with me cooking up a bunch of steaks for Czar, Scritch, and Kitty's friend. The weather had turned nice again, so TV was replaced with good conversation on the patio and a bottle of bourbon.