April 22nd, 2019


Obligatory Birthday Post

Ah. My 16th birthday post here on LJ. How many more ways can I joke about being "shorter of breath and one day closer to death?" That seems to be a recurring theme with me. I guess since I crossed some imaginary threshold a few years back I feel as if the "end is closer than the beginning." I think I have used both of those phrases before. It also seems that after you turn 21 the important milestones are fewer and fewer. You tick off the decades at 30, 40, and 50, and then it's just another day. Now I have a new goal to shoot for. 56 (plus a few months) is my new target. Why? That's the minimum retirement age. Once I hit that, the door to my next life opens up. Of course there could be a surprise "early out" which would change everything, but for now I am focused on 2 years from now.

It was a lovely weekend to celebrate my birth anniversary as well as Easter. I took off on Friday since it's almost a holiday anyway. On Saturday I had a small dinner gathering with some furiends at Buttfuckers. Oops. I meant Fuddruckers. Most everyone came back to Fur Central for booze and fire pit. Yesterday we made an attempt to go to the zoo, but it was such a lovely day that everyone had the same idea. A full parking lot sent us to the aquarium and botanic garden where there were fewer people. It was then back to home where I roasted up a turkey breast that had been sitting in the freezer since we bought it on sale around Xmas.