April 26th, 2019


Oh! That's LA!

I'm back from the El Paso trip. It was a pretty good time. I gave my presentation at an irrigation district office in El Paso. They were kind enough to cater a lunch for us and their employees. I must say that there is a big difference between New Mexico Mexican and Texas Mexican. But both are extremely tasty! Rather than drive back on the same day which probably would have brought us back around 8 or 9, we stayed down in Las Cruces. We were able to eat dinner at a nice local place and it was great that my managers picked up my beer tab. This morning we headed back to ABQ. I decided to fill out my travel voucher right away. I noticed the picture on the travel website and immediately went "Oh! That's LA!" I then played "GeoGuesser" to try to figure out where the pic was taken. It looks like it was taken on the 3rd St Bridge over the 110 Freeway. I can just hear albear going, "Yeah! Duh!" Here's the pic from the travel website.