September 4th, 2019



Yesterday was Tuesday, so of course that meant dinner and drinks with scritchwuff. It was my turn to host, so I cooked up a Polish feast. Scritch has become something of a Russophile, so thought an Eastern European dinner would be nice. A slavaboo is the eastern European version of a Weeaboo who love all things Japanese. We are always joking about Squatting Slavs in Tracksuits, the Russian equivalent of "People of Walmart."

I cooked up some sausage that I had brought back from Chicago earlier in the year. I also had some meat pierogis that had been sitting in the freezer. In the back of the pantry I found a jar of red cabbage with apples which was a delicious take on cole slaw. Finally I tried my paw at making zurek which I had also bought earlier this year. It was one of my more adventurous purchases. It's fermented rye soup. Even my Mom said it wasn't one of her favorites, but I had to try it.

It was basically a concentrated broth. I started heating it and wondered if it needed something else. A quick check online and I found several recipes. I picked one recipe that used bacon and sausage. How could you go wrong with that?!? I fried up the bacon and sausage with carrots, onion, celery, garlic, and potatoes. I then added the rye stock. I let it simmer for about an hour and then we tried it. It wasn't bad at all! It has a very unusual smell, but nothing bad. I had mentioned that I saw it sometimes referred to as white borscht, so maybe some sour cream would help. We put a dollop on top along with a little shake of dill. OMG! The flavors just exploded! If Emeril had been eating with us, he would have shouted "Bam!" So now we know the secret.