September 10th, 2019


Airfare Fun

I have already posted about the joys of trying to figure out airfares. At one point Southwest wanted to charge me $1000 for us to fly to KC. Our trip to FL in Nov was just slightly more. How is flying to FL almost the same as flying to MO? We had to do a little creative scheduling with our FL trip since we would be flying home on the busiest travel day of the year. That also meant the most ass-rapiest day in terms of fares. So we decided to spend a couple more days on the beach where the cost of the hotel was more than offset by the savings of flying home 2 days later. I just checked the difference in fares and the difference in waiting 2 days is now $800!!! Crazy!

Southwest almost screwed us over in the schedule as well. I got an email that said that the flights had been changed. It appeared to me that the only difference was that we had a stop in Tampa instead of Houston. Fortunately Scritch dug a little deeper and found out that the true itinerary was, in fact, Ft Lauderdale to Tampa to Chicago to Houston to Austin to Albuquerque! WTF?!? I immediately called to complain, but they took care of me right away. We were back to one stop in Houston with a flight that left at a reasonable time in the morning. Originally we were scheduled to leave at an ungodly early hour, but now we could even enjoy the kosher (free!) hotel breakfast. On top of that the flight was actually $100 cheaper! Oy! The $100 would be in the form of a credit, however, so we had to book another flight. Would we fly somewhere else soon?

Just for fun I checked flights to San Jose for FC. They were really cheap! One reason Kitty has not gone to the con for several years was because she was working and couldn't take a lot of time off. I liked to take a week and go visit Al and Dex before the con. With the cheap flight, Kitty (and myself) would only have to take off 3 days (actually 2 for me since one day is MLK Day). The other good news is that there is a non-stop flight between ABQ and SJC. So instead of a 14-hour drive, it will be a 3-hour flight. When the $100 credit is applied to the cost of the flight, the cost of the trip will essentially be the cost of gas to drive from ABQ to SJC (probably less since gas is probably expensive in CA). So I might not be able to bring a fursuit to the con, but that's a small price to pay when we're paying such a small price.