December 4th, 2019


The A-B-C Cruise

I had to go back into my old LJ archives to see when my last cruise was. It was over 5 years ago! Man! How time flies! I wanted to see what I had written then to compare those thoughts to those that I have now. Mostly they are the same. So if you remember my post from back then, some thoughts will sound familiar. I will write more about the specifics of the cruise in my next post once I get my pics downloaded. I ended up using 3 different cameras, so I need to do some concatenation.

Overall the trip was wonderful. We once again took Celebrity which seems to be a good "middle of the road" cruise line. Much more classier than Carnival, younger than Norwegian or Viking, not as pretentious as Crystal or Cunard. There were lots of old folks on our cruise but the music playing in the background consisted of The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, and Semisonic. I call this the A-B-C Cruise since we visited Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao (as well as Grand Cayman). Like I said, I will write about them in a separate post.

In my last cruise post I compared it to a furry con. I still hold by that. At a con you can do as much or as little as you want. Some are there to fursuit. Some are there to buy art. Some are there to attend panels. There is no wrong way to con unless that means sitting in your room crying the entire time. On a cruise for 9 days you can sit by the pool, sit at a bar, see shows, gamble, or just watch the ocean go by. You can eat elegant meals in the dining room, or you can pig out at the buffet. For me one of my most happy moments was sitting on a sofa on the back deck of the ship reading a book and drinking a beer. I had achieved complete relaxation. I had not a care in the world.

My only new observation was that I now feel like a cruise is the Disneyland for adults. I wrote a little bit about this in my last post. I felt like Iggy Pop's "The Passenger." I'm seeing the world through my safe, secure bubble. I'm not really experiencing true local culture but a "Disneyfied" version of it. At the ports of call there was always a cluster of shops or booths that were specifically tailored for cruise passengers. You were inside of a secure area, so there was little chance of crime and zero chance of getting lost. The merchandise was all typical touristy kitsch. You could step outside into the "real" city, but you were met with shops that sold shit like watches and diamonds. We were all baffled by why someone would take a cruise to an exotic location only to spend money on crap that you could find at any mall anywhere? We agreed that it was probably for the "new rich" from 3rd world countries that take cruises and then have to show off their wealth through conspicuous consumption. But once again there is also the "there is no wrong way to cruise" factor. Some people don't even get off that ship at all. Some only venture as far as the tourist shops. *shrugs* If that's your comfort level, OK.

I will say that we had some wonderful meals onboard. I suppose some folks could look at us and say that we were missing out on the local cuisine. True. We're also missing out on the local salmonella and listeria. Plus we already paid for the food on the ship. Why pay twice? I met a very nice elderly British couple who told me they ALWAYS eat at the buffet. The husband refuses to get dressed up and sit in the restaurant. That's cool. There was lots of tasty stuff at the buffet. Our group enjoyed the service and elegance of the dining room. We thought nothing about spending 2 hours for dinner since the company was wonderful and wine literally flowed like water. Having the all-you-can-drink package was also a great thing. It was a fun way to try different types of liquors and mixed drinks. Being in a totally relaxed mode meant I thought very little about day drinking. That was the rule, not the exception. OK. So I had 5 drinks before noon on Thanksgiving. *grins* So many gins! So many bourbons! And I tried to try them all! I need to find a list of the various bars on the ship, but I think Scritch and I had drinks in all but 1. That was a regret from previous cruises. There are so many wonderful places to hang out, the trick is to find the most relaxing or the one with the best service.

So expect another post with pics soon!