December 23rd, 2019


The Solstice

We decided to host a Solstice furmeet on Saturday. I wanted to connect with my Pagan self and get a nice fire going in the firepit as we crossed 9:19pm and entered Winter. The weather was pleasant enough, but you had to bundle up a bit. Scritch and I are old campers, so it didn't bother us too much. Others wandered up, got smoke in the face, complained about the temperature, and headed back inside. Scritch brought over a recent Costco purchase; a parabolic heater. We both had the same idea that it could heat your backside while the fire heated your front side. It worked much better in theory, unfortunately. While it may put off significant heat in the store, in the openness of outside, the heat dissipates much too quickly. Lesson learned. Of course we warmed our inside with some Buffalo Trace Bourbon which I had bought in our cruise ship's duty-free store. We still haven't been able to find it at our local liquor stores. For food I cooked up a ham which my Mom had given me on one of my visits. Kitty cooked up a big dish of mac-n-cheese. It was a nice little meet.