December 30th, 2019


Best Picture Nominations

Awhile back I saw a post from someone asking what movies they should watch. They were looking for great movies that everyone should see. Someone suggested the American Film Institute Top 100. That would definitely be a good place to start. I went through the list myself recently. I also got the list of Oscar-winning films. I went through that list as well. Then I posted that I want to watch every "best picture" nominated film. I'm still working on that list. But I wanted to compile the comprehensive list of all of those films. So I thought I would share them with all of you, my LJ friends. I'm particularly looking at you, mondhasen since I know you like old films. Of course I have to put this behind a cut since there are SO many titles. Many titles will be completely unfamiliar. That's kind of a good thing. At the time they were considered the best out there. Now they may have been forgotten to the ages. I checked a few old titles and saw that they are available on demand from places like Turner Classic Movies. Perhaps even more will become available in the next month or so as they gear up for their yearly salute to Oscar.
BTW...the first title for a given year was the winner.
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