January 18th, 2020


FC Update

Made it to San Jose! Flight from ABQ was easy peasy. Weather was absolute shyte with lots of rain. Made it to the Hitlon. Waited for room to be ready and Al and Dex to arrive. Was gifted some bourbon from the boys. Put that to good use and passed out pretty early. Let the con begin!

Friday was just a chill day. I think we spent most of the day drinking beer and talking. There is a shitshow in the lobby since one of the elevators has been down for repairs for months. There's another shitshow at the Marriott where they're remodeling the lobby so most of the seating area is off limits. FAIL! Kitty and I have the sponsors' brunch this morning and hopefully it will be as tasty as last year. Oh, and we're in room 804 if you are here and want to visit.