January 21st, 2020


Quick FC Report

There's not a lot to report about this year's FC. It was nice to have Kitty along this time. She spent a lot of time re-connecting with old friends from when she lived in the area. I spent a lot of time just hanging out in the room or down in the Cub Hub. Like most other reports I have read about the con, not a lot of time was spent at events. I hit up the dealers' den a couple of times and walked away with a nice hoodie which Kitty quickly yoinked. I hit the art show once. Lots of the same stuff with only a few pieces that made me go, Oh! That's different!" The sponsors' brunch that I mentioned in the last post was quite nice. I actually got to chat with a few friends there which made it totally worth it. As I had promised, I spent most of Sunday watching the playoffs. It was interesting realizing that the GB/SF game was being played only about 10 miles away. There were lots of 49's and Packers t-shirts and jackets on the streets of San Jose.

In an earlier post I commented about the "shitshows" regarding the con hotels. That was really the only drawback for the entire weekend. I just don't understand an 18-story hotel with only 3 elevators which then got reduced to 2. It made me not want to leave the room knowing there would be chaos in the lobby or an 8-flight walk. While my body probably needed the walk, it was not a pleasant prospect.

But now we're home and getting back to the old grind again. Our flight home was 100% full. We laughed because we thought we heard a person (possibly a fur) who was flying to Sacramento on our flight. Sure, our plane was going there after stops in ABQ and Las Vegas. So he was flying about 1700 miles to go 120 miles. Somebody tell that boy about Amtrak's Capitol Corridor!