February 10th, 2020


Oscar-Nominated Shorts - Live Action

Since the Oscars were so early this year, we barely had time to watch the last of the short movies and get home in time to catch the show. I think I'll make a second post about that and just write here about the short movies.

"A Sister" - An emergency operator tries to get help to a woman who is in danger of being hurt/killed by an abusive boyfriend. There have been several movies lately dealing with trying to get help to someone on a cell phone. It was done much more effectively in last year's "Mother." A good film, but not great.

"Brotherhood" - A son returns to his family after fighting for ISIS in Syria and is rejected by his father. Pretty meh with a vague ending.

"Saria" - Based on a true story of an orphanage (almost like a prison) in Guatemala where the children were punished for an uprising by being locked in their cell block. A fire breaks out and kills 40 young girls. A good film. Probably my second favorite.

"The Neighbors' Window" - A young family struggles with day to day life in a New York City high rise. They envy a young carefree couple in the building across the way. But who is watching who? This was my hands-down favorite movie and it was awarded the prize later in the evening.

"Nefta Football Club" - A fun quirky tale about 2 boys, a stash of heroin, and a headphone-wearing donkey who listens to Adele. It was nice to have some comic relief.

The Oscars - 2020 Edition

The Oscars is the only award show I watch. It has been a guilty pleasure for decades for me. I love movies. I roll my eyes when an entertainment industry takes itself so seriously, but I can set that aside and just focus on the art. So here are my takeaways from this year's spectacle.

I guess the Academy thinks they can throw a bone to the "Oscar-so-white" crowd by having lots of black people dancing in (and flopping around) the aisles. There was a hip-hop performance by Eminem (I guess) which just proved how old (and white) I was because I didn't have a clue about the song even though it appeared most of the young, hip people did. I asked Kitty "I wonder how Anthony Hopkins feels about all of this?" The camera panned over him and it looked like he was asleep. *LOL* It seemed like every opportunity the Academy had to showcase black people, they did...except in actually having them nominated for things. I just wonder how the "woke" crowd is going to handle this year's winners. If Oscar-be-so-white is true, why did an Asian film win the biggest prizes? A woman won for best music score. I think people just like to stir up shit to better match their own agenda. Produce good quality work, win a prize. Isn't that how it's supposed to work?

Just a few other takeaways. I was happy to see "American Factory" win best documentary since it was the only one I had seen. I liked it a lot even with its overtly pro-union slant. It reminded me so much of the 80's movie "Gung Ho" where a Japanese company takes over a US auto plant. I see little has changed in 30 years, only swap out Chinese for Japanese. It just proves how evil the Chinese system is and what it could mean for the US worker.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the short documentary about skateboarding Afghan girls won. I thought for sure the one produced by MTV would win. I guess the "woke" crowd will just have to take comfort that "Hair Love" won best animated short. I will give a hearty "meh" that "Toy Story 4" won best animated feature. That was a safe bet. The very unsafe bet was to predict that "Parasite" would win both Best International Film as well as Best Picture. I can't wait to see it! It should be in my mailbox today when I get home.