February 11th, 2020



Yes, the DVD arrived in the mail yesterday and Kitty and I watched it. The "secret" of the movie had not been revealed, so it was fun to watch the plot unfold without spoilers. No, there is no "gotcha" moment, but I had heard that the plot pulls you in one direction and then throws you in a completely different one so that you have no idea where you are going to end up. To me that's a good thing. My biggest problem with the majority of Hollywood movies is that you have a good guy and a bad guy. The bad guy wears a black hat. He does bad things. The good guy in the white hat eventually saves the day. He will be put in peril, but he's the good guy, so you know that things will be OK in the end. I prefer films with moral ambiguity. Perhaps that's why I enjoyed "Joker." Wait. You're kinda feeling sad for the bad guy! Batman was supposed to have that trait, but usually he just ends up being a pussy.

So was "Parasite" Best Picture worthy? Tough call. It's new storytelling and perhaps the Academy is now more woke about film around the world. It was probably better than some of the other nominees that I had seen, but not necessarily. It was probably just as good if not better than some of the crap that has won in previous years. Hopefully it will open the doors to movies that people wouldn't normally see.
Maybe this throws the doors wide open to Netflix and Amazon who can better sweep up interesting movies from abroad easier than the plodding dinosaurs of Hollywood studios. Maybe American brain cells can be stimulated to actually think about a plot instead of just cheering for the latest comic book hero.