February 13th, 2020


Old Movie Time

I'm starting to binge all of the old Oscar-nominated movies in my queue. And they're gonna keep on coming for another 2 weeks! Here's what I've seen so far:

"A Farewell to Arms" - A really schmaltzy love story with WWI as the backdrop. They said that even Hemingway hated what Hollywood did to his story. It does feature a very young Gary Cooper. It's just amazing how attitudes have changed over time. It was so scandalous that men and women should be alone together! And to become pregnant from such an encounter?!? We laugh at the Taliban today, but we were not so different less than 100 years ago.

"Broadway Melody of 1936" - How many movies have been made where someone comes from the country to hit it big on Broadway or Hollywood? I suppose you need some kind of story to support lots of singing and dancing in old skool Hollywood style. Big musical numbers on big sets with lots of extras. Classic. Buddy Epsen's first movie role!

"Our Town" - Supposedly it's a famous American play. They literally put the play on screen. There is a narrator who totally eliminates the 4th wall. There's not much to the plot other than a slice of small-town American life. It features a very young William Holden. So young I didn't immediately recognize him.

"Stagecoach" - One of the quintessential westerns. John Ford + John Wayne + Monument Valley = American classic. Good story. Good cast.