February 18th, 2020


3-Day Movie Weekend

I had great plans for my Presidents' Day holiday. I planned on pretty much doing nothing. Maybe go for my walkie and make pot roast for Kitty, but other than that I just wanted to plant my butt in my chair and watch old movies. Mission accomplished.

"Quo Vadis" - I'm surprised this big-budget offering from 1951 doesn't get more love like a "Ben Hur." It's a combination tale of Nero's Rome and the birth of Christianity. So there's lots of big-budget special effects with the burning of Rome and there's great vore as lions devour Christians in the forum (OK. It was 1950's Hollywood, so there was nothing graphic).

"The Adventures of Robin Hood" - Yes, I have never seen the classic Errol Flynn version of this tale. It was hard to not imagine him as a fox or the rest of the cast as anthropomorphic critters.

"The Front Page" - They billed this as a comedy, but having news reporters clambering to cover a man's execution is not very ha ha funny. Perhaps this was the very first black comedy. It was an early talkie released by Howard Hughes. It was just a weird film as people are constantly throwing insults at one another in rapid "Gilmore Girls" style.

"The Gay Divorcee" - Typical stupid Hollywood plot of boy sees girl and instantly falls in love with her. But when you have Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers singing and dancing, who cares.

"Dark Victory" - A tear-jerker with Bette Davis dying of a terminal brain disease and her doctor falling in love with her. The movie also stars Ronald Reagan and Humphrey Bogart. What was strange was there was a news story the next day where a person with a terminal illness was marrying the love of his life even though she had rejected him many times before. Can you say "insurance money?"

"Little Women" - I can't say anything bad about this movie since Kitty absolutely loves the story in all forms. This was the Oscar-nominated version with Katherine Hepburn. While Kitty may love the story to pieces, I'll just write it off as "just another chick flick." I love how women say the story is so empowering, but then I laugh because it seems like their goal always ends up being to find a good man.

"42nd St" - Didn't I already mention the plot of "small-town girl goes to big city to make it big on stage?" I think that is the plot of half the movies out there! Will the show be a hit or a flop? Who will hook up in the end? Let's throw in lots of singing and dancing and call it a movie!

"I Was A Fugitive From A Chain Gang" - A man is in the wrong place at the wrong time and ends up being sentenced to hard labor. The conditions are so bad he escapes. He ends up working his way up the ladder to become a prominent businessman. He gets discovered and decides to go back to jail to clear his name. Unfortunately he gets two-timed by southern justice and is sent back to the chain gang where he escapes again to live his life on the lam. I could see a lot of elements that eventually get used in "Cool Hand Luke" and even Woody Allen's "Take the Money and Run." A really good flick!