March 2nd, 2020



We had a date night yesterday as we went to go see a stage production of the George Orwell classic. Overall the production was OK. Winston was in his cell and party members reconstructed pieces of his life that he had written about in his diary. The whole point was for him to witness and confess to his crimes that they already knew about. It was a bit of a clunky device, but it served its purpose. Unfortunately one of the actor's mics was acting up so the sound person had a challenge of making sure the actor was heard but not loud enough that the popping from the shorting out mic made it seem that Ministry of Love was being bombed. Many people must not have liked the play since I noticed a lot of empty seats at the beginning of the second act.

I'm glad I read the book just a few years ago as opposed to having read it in high school. I had a greater appreciation of the message. This was even before the age of Trump. While reading it I started wondering why someone hadn't used the principles as a playbook to rule/control a population. Looks like someone had the same idea. I think Orwell would have been proud (in an "I told you so" way) to hear Rudy Giuliani say "truth isn't truth" or Kellyanne Conway talk about "alternative facts." During intermission Kitty wondered about "Big Brother watching you" while she typed on her phone. The irony was lost on her. I'm just happy that the book has suddenly become a classic again. Hopefully the more informed we all are about the dangers that could lie ahead, the better prepared we can be to fight Ingsoc.