March 6th, 2020


More Movies, Ma

I was reading LJ posts from last year and came across a post about what I was watching on the tube. It was highly entertaining to read about shows that were on just a year ago, but seem like distant memories. So that's why I continue to make these posts as little mile-markers in my entertainment life.

"The Divorcee" - Not to be confused with "The Gay Divorcee." An early talkie which deals with a couple breaking up over stupid infidelity. I was kind of surprised that such a topic would be covered in such an early movie. Then I read about "pre-code" movies that dealt openly with touchy subjects. Later in the 30's the code was enforced and the movies became more goody goody. It disgusts me that the clergy had such a heavy hand in determining what we were able to see. And we scoff at the Taliban?!?

"Jezebel" - Kind of like "Gone With the Wind" except replace the Civil War with a yellow fever outbreak in New Orleans. Good early performances by Bette Davis as the spoiled rich southern girl and Henry Fonda as the fine upstanding gentlemen who gets fed up with her BS and marries someone else. Of course, drama ensues.

"Friendly Persuasion" - Quakers try to remain true to their faith while the Civil War closes in around them. There's lots of pointless plot points as the film follows the family through a year in their lives. It's just a nice family movie. Anthony Perkins proves he's more deadly in a shower dressed up as his mother than he is on a battlefield.

"The Thin Man" - I was never a fan of old detective movies, but maybe I should have been. I really liked the characters of Nick and Nora Charles especially since they both drank like fish. The banter between them and the other characters actually had me laughing. I can see why it went on to have a successful franchise. Asta the dog also added to the fun.