March 13th, 2020


My Covid Post

I have now been affected by the virus. We were supposed to see the musical "Margaritaville" tomorrow, but since the Governor just declared a state of emergency with the first detections of the virus in the state, all large-group gatherings have been cancelled. Hopefully this blows over quickly since we have 3 concerts next month. I'm not too bummed at the moment since I realize that group separation is probably the most effective way to contain this virus. I checked in with my 93 year old mom yesterday, and she has been staying inside. I just worry because she is famous for the saying, "Oh, I know I wasn't supposed to do that, but..." So I just have to keep a slightly closer eye on her.

I heard that one of the most requested movies on-demand lately has been "Contagion." I remember seeing it years ago, but everyone is asking how they seemingly got things so accurate. The answer is that they had consulted numerous epidemiologists and took their word. That's what is always in the back of my mind when I hear about certain seemingly Draconian measures. Even though we have a dotard at the top, there are a LOT of dedicated scientists at the lower levels who know the score and are recommending appropriate actions.

I must admit that I got in on the toilet paper buying frenzy, but in a serendipitous manner. A couple of months ago I was at Costco and saw they had toilet paper on sale. I couldn't remember how much we had left at home, so I bought it. I then found out that I had almost a full Costco package at home. Oh well. We can always use toilet paper. Score! Our shopping habits also put us in a good way in case of self-quarantine. We shop the sales. A few weeks ago they had bags of brand-name pasta for $0.49/bag. So we bought the max of 5. A couple of weeks later they had pasta sauce on sale for $1.49. So we once again bought the max of 5. Chunky Soup was on sale for $1/can, so we bought the max of 8. Frozen dinners were $1.77@. We like to use them as quick lunches to take to work. The freezer is full of them. So our larder is full. If we need to hunker down, we'll be set for awhile. Although I do need to go to Total Wine to stockpile some bourbon.