March 23rd, 2020


Telework - Day 2

The telework experiment went very well last Friday. Let's see how long I can keep this up before some serious slacking begins. The next phase will hopefully begin in a week or 2 when temps are warm enough to work out on the patio.

This last weekend we tried to live life normally. We picked up a few items at the grocery store. I did panic buying at the liquor store and walked away with about $300 worth of wine and whiskey (Oy! I had a coupon!) Karma bit me in the ass this morning when I lost a bottle of bourbon to my tile floor. Ceramic tile is very unforgiving to glass even with less than an inch of kinetic energy. Mostly we have just been hunkering down keeping each other (and the cats) company. We even went out to Whataburger on Friday (drive-thru only). We also tried watching The Dotard give press conferences, but the stupidity was just too overwhelming,

We have been going through our old movies. Here's a quick list:

"Naughty Marietta" - Typical old-skool Hollywood musical where a French princess flees to America to avoid getting married. How many times has Hollywood used THAT plot?!? The movie is notable for the song "Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life" which is the song used in "Young Frankenstein" to suggest having an orgasm.

"The Red Shoes" - Kitty said it was one of her favorite movies. A ballerina becomes great performing the title ballet but can't chose between love and dance which lead to tragedy.

"A Nun's Story" - Audrey Hepburn as a nun?!? It's actually a really interesting plot of how a woman has faith and love of Jesus, but it's still not enough for The Church. It really shows how the Church's definition of "pride" is such bullshit. You can do good works to help the poor, but you can't feel good about it. Sheesh!

"Disraeli" - No, not a movie about an album by Cream. A biopic about the British prime minister who secured the Suez Canal for the Crown. It was something of a long, drawn-out story with lots of political drama. Probably more interesting for someone interested in Victorian-era political intrigue.

We have also discovered the show "Shitt's Creek" on Netflix. I had heard good things about it years ago but had no idea what obscure network it was on. Now it's readily available on Netflix. And speaking of Netflix, yes, we have discovered "Beastars." Yes, we're furry, so we have been digging it. I made the mistake of Googling "Beastars Rule 34." Jesus. What was I expecting?!?