April 3rd, 2020


Telework - Week 2

I'm finishing up my 2nd week of working from home. I think I'm finally getting settled. At first I set up on the kitchen table. It was big enough for 2 laptops and I got nice light/views out the patio window. A few days later Kitty also started working from home. It was no big deal. She needed an ethernet connection which meant she had to be close to the modem which was upstairs. I could stay downstairs and use wi-fi. She just had to clean up the mountain of crap that had accumulated over a couple of years on her desk.

I continued to work in the kitchen, but I was paranoid that I was making too much noise since I liked to have tunes going. She liked the music, but I didn't want to interrupt her when she was on the phone. Another problem cropped up when I realized how sore my butt was getting from sitting on a hard wooden kitchen chair for 8 hours. I decided to move to the guest bedroom.

There used to be a big desk in the room, but we donated it to Goodwill last year. I set up the 2 laptops on 2 TV trays. I got Kitty's old desk chair while she took my comfy one. There was a TV in the bedroom which we occasionally used if someone wanted to watch something the other didn't want to. It was so rarely used, however, that we got rid of the cable box and simply used the antenna. Kitty eventually bought a Fire Stick for it.

The setup worked for a few days, but it wasn't the most comfortable. Finally I got an old card table from the garage and set that up. I put the TV up on a box so it was at eye level. I then ran an HDMI cord from the laptop to the TV. Ah! From 16" to 32"! I had also been using the touchpad. Screw that! I hooked up a regular mouse. Much better! So now I think I'm in the groove. It feels a whole lot more normal. And at lunchtime I can change inputs with a click and either watch the news or something on Netflix.