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Bear Droppings
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Wednesday, April 15th, 2020

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COVID Diaries
I think it would be fun to put down little tidbits about this event in human history so I can look back 10-20 years from now (if both I and LJ still exist) and see what this shitshow was really like.

I made a foray into work to give a dry-run presentation about conditions for the 2020 irrigation season. The main presentations to the public will be given tomorrow and Friday. We wanted to make sure the teleconferencing technology was ready to go. Everyone has a steep learning curve to putting on a large meeting for dozens of people. I think we'll all be pros by the time we resume "normal" life. Hopefully it will also make traveling hours to attend a 1-hour meeting a thing of the past.

Things went well. I did a little work at my desk since now I didn't have to screw around with Remote Desktop. Ah! Nice fast, direct connections. I saw my calendar was reading "March 17." It was like looking at a clock after an earthquake that marked the time of the event. Has it been almost a month already?!?

On the way home I thought I would treat myself and Kitty to lunch. There is a Whataburger on the way home, so I stopped. They are definitely not hurting for business. There were at least 10 cars in the drive-thru. The burger was tasty when I got home, but they screwed up my order. This scene from "Lethal Weapon 2" pretty much sums up my experience.

I also stopped at Smith's (Kroger) to pick up a couple of things. This was my first experience of having to wait a couple of minutes to get in due to restrictions on how many people can be in a store at one time. I was, once again, wearing my mask, this time a non-furry one that fit a little better. The wait was short, and they had marks every 6' to keep us socially distanced. In the store I just needed tomato soup and tuna. I found both and was on my way. Out in the parking lot I got to experience the dark side of all of this with the discarded rubber gloves littering the parking lot. I was extremely pissed the day before when I saw shithead Dr Oz show people the proper way to put on and take off gloves. Did he throw his gloves into a proper receptacle? No! You just pop them off and you're done! Asshole!

Later I violated social distancing and paid my usual Tuesday visit to scritchwuff. He's going through a lot of stuff with his Mom's health and needed some diversion. Good think he is also a clean freak.

So that's the latest update. My family will be dealing with its own shit, I fear. I just got off the phone with my Mom and her brother is dying. So now my cousins are going to have to deal with a dead father in the midst of hundreds of people dying every day in Chicago. Of course no funerals since that would be a mass gathering.

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