April 17th, 2020


COVID Diaries - April 16

I had to put on my annual presentation to the masses yesterday. In the age of extreme social distancing, that meant via Webex. I think the final count was 99 participants which was definitely a record for people listening to little old me. There were just a few glitches including folks not knowing the etiquette of immediately muting your phone when you sign on. I had to do a major restart when someone started having a conversation on his cell phone while dialed in on his home phone. Oy! But everything went well. I was happy with how things went. Now to do it all over again today for a different audience.

I stopped off at the store on the way home to pick up a few things. I needed a few items that I usually get from the bulk department. I wondered how they could keep that going with people touching the scoops and putting them back in the bin. The answer is that they have now pre-packaged the items. That was fine, but I ended up buying way more almonds and raisins than I wanted. Oh well. Better do more baking.