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Bear Droppings
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Friday, April 24th, 2020

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The 90's Mix
I made an entry several years ago which I believe I titled "Soundtrack of my Life." The story was that around 1992 I had the brilliant idea to make mix tapes from VCR tapes of MTV's "120 Minutes;" a show which aired on Sunday nights (Monday mornings) from midnight to 2am. On that show host Matt Pinfield would show the latest in alt-rock videos plus a few oldies. Since I lived in a vast wasteland of music at the time, it became my refuge. Over the course of the next 7-8 years I made 19 mix tapes. They were my saviors on my numerous cross-country road trips and camping outings. My LJ post was about re-creating those tapes using mp3s. I had ripped my entire cd collection which accounted for about half of the songs. E-music sites filled in the majority of the rest. There were a handful of songs that were so obscure that I couldn't even find them on Amazon. Fortunately I was able to find the old videos on YouTube where I was able to rip the tunes. Collection complete!

I am now once again re-discovering those mixes as I put all of the playlists into my laptop which I am using as my "fun" computer as we all endure the lockdown. What I'm finding as I'm working with the soundtrack of the 90's playing in the background is that it's taking me back in such vivid details. It wasn't a fun time in my life by any stretch of the imagination, but it's interesting to think about the pop culture that I embraced (quite different from the "typical" pop culture of the 90's. I really did enjoy the grunge scene even though I hated the slacker mentality. You would never find me in a mosh pit, but I certainly loved the music, even more so today.

When I started making the mixes, Nirvana was still making music. Kurt died and Courtney Love put out a few albums. This new band, The Foo Fighters, rose from the ashes. Who knows? If restrictions are lifted I might even get to see them in concert this year! I hear The Red Hot Chili Peppers singing "Soul to Squeeze" and realize that they were promoting that song being on "The Coneheads" soundtrack. Bands came onto the scene and hit it big with a song or 2. Dishwalla was a one-hit wonder with "Counting Blue Cars." Then we saw them a few years ago as an opening act for Collective Soul at a local Indian casino. The Verve Pipe had a hit with "The Freshman." They were going to be a big rock band! We saw them perform a few years ago at the zoo where part of their set was kids music where they later found a niche. So I'm enjoying the nostalgia of the 90's while trying to forget all of the shit that happened during that decade. Yup. I truly am getting old.

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