July 5th, 2020


Garden Update

There's not much to report on the home front. Last night's 4th of July "celebration" was something to behold. Kitty and I sat on the front patio and watched people blow shit up. At one point I just laughed because it sounded like Normandy on June 7, 1944 (or Chicago's South Side on probably any summer weekend *lol*). I even heard a few booms at 4am.

The only other news is concerning the garden. I harvested my first cherry tomatoes the other day and filled a colander with green beans this morning. I'm losing the battle with weeds, especially grass. I can just hope to keep the goatheads in check. Another interesting experiment involves putting a broken lawn chair over a patch of morning glories that sprang up. I want to see if it acts like a sort of trellis. We shall see!