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Bear Droppings
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Sunday, July 12th, 2020

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COVID Diaries - July 12
New restrictions go into place tomorrow. The Governor has said that masks must now be worn at all times if you're outside. No. Not gonna happen. We have hit the line that I will not cross. Whenever I go out into the public, and that has become very rarely, I always wear a mask. But if you want me to wear one when I go for walkies where I might encounter 3 or 4 people at a distance, I ain't buyin' it. We are crossing into stupid territory. There are a lot of big things the state could/should be doing, but that is too hard. One biggie is contact tracing. I have never heard ONCE that a positive person visited X,Y,Z at such-and-such a time. If you were there at that same time, you should get yourself tested. And if you request a test you go at this time and you will get your results in a day or less. It seems so simple, but instead we get lines for tests that are 5-hours long and you get your results in days. I have reached my end with this thing. The news media isn't helping at all, spreading fear and useless information. Every day they report on how many people are positive and how many have died with almost no context. Who is dying? Where were they? Did they social distance or did they attend a large family gathering? Did they work in a public place? Once again, I have not heard much about specific businesses or work places. But oh! Let's have another happy story about someone being wheeled out of a hospital who beat the virus! Yay! And it's also too bad that Trump has burned any and all bridges to any semblance of truth. His team MAY being doing some right things, but we'll never know. When you have been fed so much bullshit and told it was cherry pie, you might actually pass up real cherry pie! That's my rant for the day. Fatigue has set in.

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