August 1st, 2020


COVID Diaries - Food on the Table

We decided to do some shopping today. Things must be almost fully back to normal since the store was having great sales on staple items that were hard to find a few months ago. Case in point...pasta. They had digital coupons for pretty much all pasta brands. It was going for ridiculously cheap prices like $0.79/bag for American Beauty. They also had sauce on sale for $1.79. So you could feed your fambly for under $3. Need protein? Chicken thighs were $0.79/lb. Our biggest "splurge" was a 3 lb salmon fillet for $20. Our cart was as full as it has been since this mess started. We're definitely ready for another surge in cases, but our nanny governor is doing a good job in keeping us safe. If you look at a map of the country, New Mexico is usually doing fairly well compared to our neighbors to the east and west. The number I always check is hospitalizations, and ours has been in the 150-170 range fairly consistently. So let's hope we have turned a corner and we can get back to normalcy. The gov has said not this month, but hopefully soon.