September 29th, 2020


Weekend in Williams

As I hinted in my last post, I'd finally have something interesting to write about after weeks and weeks in quarantine. Awhile back we had been talking with albear and dexter_fox about meeting up somewhere for a nice long weekend. I threw out Williams, AZ since it is about halfway between LA and ABQ. It's a tourist town so it has amenities, and it's high in elevation for a nice summer getaway. Kitty got online and found a nice rental house. Throw in scritchwuff and Carol's non-furry friend Stephanie, and we had the makings for a nice get together.

We got there on Friday afternoon, and settled into our new digs. It was a quirky old house with 5 bedrooms and 3 baths. It had a pool table, a hot tub, and a nice outside deck. We were set. There was much drinking and eating over the next 72 hours. There was a propane grill so we had steaks, burgers, and chicken. There was no set agenda except to chill and socialize. On Saturday some of us walked to a local lake while others checked out an old historic cemetery. On Sunday I suggested finding and old steel dam which was unique in all of the world. Not too far away on the same creek (arroyo) was another dam made out of stone. So we checked them both out. It was a nice afternoon in the woods. I had also wanted to show folks an old railroad tunnel that I had visited decades ago, but the walk in was a little too much for us who were ill-prepared with little water and no sunscreen. On Monday we set a leisurely pace and headed back to our respective homes. It was the perfect way to put all of the Covid shit behind us for just a little while and enjoy the company of friends. And!

View of Bill Williams Mountain from the back deck where we spent most of our time

Steel Dam only about 0.5 miles downstream of the Stone Arch Dam, but a pain in the ass to get to.

Stone Arch Dam on Johnson Creek. It's now a county park