November 3rd, 2020


Don't Blame Me...I voted Camacho!

To better prepare myself for today's shitshow, Kitty and I watched "Idocracy" last night. The last time I watched it was about 4 years ago, either on election night or inauguration day. I'm glad to see so much enthusiasm to get out the vote. And I really don't care if you vote for Trump or not. If a huge majority of America wants to swing that way, OK. We have made our choice. If we want fascism, then so be it. If we vote Biden and want a more socialistic government, ok. All I want is a fair chance to make that choice every 4 years. If we made a mistake, we can always correct it.

In other news Halloween has come and gone. We locked the gate, turned off the porch light, and spent the evening around the fire pit. It was just Kitty and me alone enjoying the full moon rising over the Sandias listening to Brubeck and Davis. It was kinda nice. The snow has come and gone in typical NM fashion. We now have temps getting close to 70. And that's the update for this week.