November 12th, 2020


COVID Diaries - Traveling During a Pandemic

About 2 months ago I decided to make plans to visit Mom. I had suggested that she come visit me (with my help), but she didn't feel up to it. So I decided that I would go out to see her. The purpose was to briefly "cure" her loneliness and sense of isolation. Of course it would be a risky trip because as "high risk" groups go, she is probably in the highest. Was I being irresponsible or was the risk worth it? Case numbers were fairly low when I booked my flight. Our hospitalization rate in NM was about 70/day. Then the 2nd wave hit. Numbers were reaching 400 the day before I was supposed to leave. Cases were spiking all over the country. What should I do?!? I decided to go ahead with my plans. This trip is all about Mom. I don't have any plans to do fun things and visit friends. I'm here for her and will gladly spend 24/7 here wit her. Of course the big exception will be to go food shopping, but I will, of course, take precautions.

My flight over was quite nice. I had a non-stop which took less than 150 minutes. The plane was just over half full. The ABQ airport was largely empty. I couldn't say the same for Midway, but I did the 6' shuffle as much as possible. And now the IL governor wants to lock down the state even more. Lovely. I'll use the same principles here as I did in ABQ; as long as you have food and booze, you can get by.