February 4th, 2021


Smart Bulb

On my recent Costco shopping spree I decided to splurge on some "smart bulbs." Normally I would laugh at the concept of using the Internet to control something as mundane as lighting, but one feature that caught my eye was that you could set a timer for on and off. For years I had a light/motion-sensor front porch light. They seem to have a lifespan of a few years before the sensors go wonky. Lately I have opted for the good old fashioned porch light where you flip a switch every night. Of course that doesn't work when you're away from home. Now I'd be able to set the on/off time using my phone. They even have a setting to turn on/off at sunset/sunrise based on your location. The other fun feature is that you can program pretty much any color you desire. I have our living room light dim to a soft purple just before bedtime. You can program a light to gently wake you up in the morning to mimic dawn. I think they're pretty cool. I'm thinking about getting a few more for around the house. A mood for every room!