February 9th, 2021


Bear vs IRS

It seems that every year I make a post (or several) about my seemingly never-ending struggles with the IRS. This year is no exception. And I haven't even started this year's taxes! Kitty and I have been wondering when we would get our stimulus checks. I'm certainly not in dire need of extra money since I'm still working at home, but if we're supposed to be getting something, I kept wondering when it would show up in my bank account. I finally got my answer, so to speak. I got a nice letter from the IRS informing me that they are still waiting for my tax return. WTF?!? I sent it off in July, 7 months ago! They certainly had no problem processing my payment, but they never received the actual return. I KNOW I sent it because I have a copy of it. This wouldn't be the first time that they have lost one of my forms. So now I'm facing that faceless bureaucracy to try to get this straightened out.

On the one paw it's no big deal because I don't owe them anything. It points out the huge flaw in the entire system which I have ranted about in the past. They HAVE all of the information necessary to process your taxes. My work sends them forms. My brokerage sends them forms. They have all the information they need to see what I owe or what I'm owed back. It's just that the lobby of accountants, HR Block, and Intuit who have made sure that the process is as complicated and burdensome as possible so you need their services. I would LOVE to file online directly, but that "privilege" is reserved for low-income people. Hell! I should be paying H&R Block to do it for me! I keep beating my head against the wall in frustration because I could send them a .pdf with my return and have this resolved in about 5 minutes. Oh no! That would be too easy. I also thought I should send this year's return with something like "return-receipt requested," but then I realized that it wouldn't do any good. "Look! Here's proof I sent it and you received it!" "Yeah. But we don't have it. Send it again." That's even if I could talk to a human being. And it all goes to that frustration of trying to do the right thing and yet you get shit on. It's enough for a guy to go all "Falling Down."

P.S. And...I got a call from the Federal Reserve this morning saying that they have issued a warrant for my arrest. The Federal Reserve?!? That's a new one!