February 13th, 2021


A Retraction?

I may owe the IRS an apology. The problem is that I just don't know. Chalk it up to 2020 being the most F'd up year in quite some time combined with my brain getting older.

I went to the IRS website that procyonid had recommended. It had just opened up for this year's filing. I decided to test drive it, and things looked awfully familiar once I logged in. Had I used this site last year?!? I have been using fillable .pdf's for years. This was just a glorified version of it, but it did do simple math for you. I'm sure I had used this interface before! So was this the missing piece of the puzzle? Had I used this interface last year and simply forgot to click "file?" I had used the interface to pay what was due, but perhaps clicking "OK" to that only made the payment and not filed the return? I know I had gone to the post office near my office to mail something larger than a letter. Did I mail my return? I DID have paper copies of it. I must have printed it out at the office, but with the pandemic I had only gone to the office 3-4 times between March and July. I seem to recall printing it out and mailing it. Did I?!? The IRS was of no help because they don't keep online copies on file. You have to register every year. Oy! It sucks getting old! I just can't remember the details! And like I said, last year was so F'd up with taxes being due in July instead of April just made things more confusing! But I won't let that happen this year! I owe a little bit, but instead of waiting until April, I'm going to file and pay right away. Maybe I'll post it on LJ to have at least some record of what the hell I did.

EDIT: So I completed my taxes in record time this year. The only complicating factor was a statement from my brokerage, but since I hardly did any trading last year, there was just one small transaction that I had to note. If anything, things are a little easier since I folded a couple of loose stocks under the umbrella of my portfolio, so that's 2 fewer statements. I completed the process and submitted my return, owing some, but nothing terrible. I still think I might have used this method last year, but perhaps there was a SNAFU towards the end where I just decided to print out the return and mail it. I'm still not sure! I don't think I could have sent a payment without also submitting my return! This time it gave me an error, and it being a stupid form, didn't tell me where or what the error was. Fortunately I found it quickly. I had forgotten to click my filing status. But I finally got that wonderful message that my return had successfully been sent!