March 26th, 2021


3 Posts in One!

Today is a combo "What the Bear is Watching," "Oscar," and "Covid Diaries" all wrapped into one!

Yesterday Kitty and I wanted to watch something, but we couldn't figure out what. We don't have any shows that we're binging together that we're not already caught up on, and we didn't want to watch any long, old-time movie we have in our DVR. What to do? Suddenly Kitty remembered a movie on Disney+ that we both wanted to see; "Onward." It had also been nominated for Best Animated Feature, so that was a major plus. I ended up pretty much watching alone as Kitty got a phone call that lasted half of the movie. My review is that it was a pretty wonderful film. It will probably lose to "Soul," but it would be a close second. The movie was one of those that suffered greatly from the Covid lockdown. I think it came out just before or after the first big shutdown in March. It simply fell between the cracks. It couldn't be seen in theaters, and Disney was still working out the "bugs" in Disney+. I also think the movie wasn't promoted too much or very well. It even gets "furry points" because it has a sexy manticore character and even a manticore fursuiter!

I will also do a special "What the Bear is Watching" post because my latest binge show has been "Arrested Development." I had heard about the show years ago, but never got around to watching it. It popped up on my "recommended" list on Netflix, so I gave it a watch. I really enjoyed it. It was one of those pioneering comedies with no audience or laugh track and adult humor that made censors nervous. The mother character was wonderful as a spoiled, rich, alcoholic. Where did I know that voice from? "Archer!" We have been watching that show for years! The animated character voiced by Jessica Walters was just like her character in "A.D." Sadly she passed away the other day. I was just happy to have discovered her character and the funny show. Unfortunately the show is very shark jumpy. Fox gave up on it after 3 seasons and it floundered in no-mans-land for years before Netflix revised it. It just wasn't the same. It's extremely repetitive and the spark of the original just isn't there in the later episodes.