April 4th, 2021


Oscar-Nominated Shorts - Live Action

I have been making this post for the past several years as Kitty and I have made our way to our local art-house theater to see the Oscar nominations in the 3 short-film categories. Last year we beat the Covid shutdown by a few weeks. This year it looked like it just wasn't going to happen even with the delayed award date. But that same local cinema had a deal where you could stream the nominees for a month for $30. At first it seemed a little expensive, but then we realized that we normally spent $5/person for three shows. $30. Duh! After struggling for awhile to get the movies to cast to the big screen, we eventually watched the nominees for the live-action Oscar. Here's the review!

"The Present" - A Palestinian man is hassled as he tries to cross a checkpoint to get a refrigerator for his wife as an anniversary present. He's hassled again as he tries to bring it back across the border. His young daughter takes measures into her own hands. Really well done. Cute and touching.

"White Eye" - A man finds his stolen bicycle and calls police. It turns out an illegal immigrant bought it unknowingly from the actual thief. The original owner has to deal with the fact that a person's life may be ruined at the cost of a bike. Also very well done, but just sort of average for the bunch.

"Feeling Through" - A homeless guy spends a night trying to help a blind and deaf man get home. Very good acting. A great story of a guy with not a lot give it his all to help another human.

"Two Distant Strangers" - My choice for winner, hands down. It stars Joey Bada$$ from "Mr Robot" and Andrew Howard who has recently been on HBO's "The Watchmen" and "Perry Mason." It could be named "George Floyd as 'Russian Doll'," or "Yo! It Be Groundhog Day." It points out all of our racial inequality as a black man relives the same day over and over but it always ends as he gets killed by police. I liked everything but the ending which was a little too much "Get Out." But it really raises the bar in terms of short film.

"The Letter Room" - A prison guard gets the task of screening the mail for death row inmates and starts to get pulled into their lives. It stars Poe from the recent Star Wars movies and Maeby from "Arrested Development." It was just OK in my book. I wasn't quite sure of the point except that the guard was living such a lonely life. *shrugs*