April 17th, 2021


Bit O' Fame

In my last post I mentioned that it was once again time to give my big annual presentation like I have done for the past 20 years. Every year it gets some media attention and this year was no exception. An AP reporter was once again on the line and she filed a report with her national office. It got picked up by several outlets including The Washington Post. It had just one little quote from me, but hey! National exposure again! After I had given the presentation for the 3rd time (to different audiences) I was contacted by the local news station. Could I do an interview? My boss usually handles requests like that, but I think she knows that this will most likely be the last time for me, so she let me do the interview. I tried to stay as positive as possible and not give them an opportunity to edit out an unflattering sound bite. Unfortunately they used a clip where I stumbled for a few seconds, but it was still positive. I still got kudos from management. It was much better than the year where I started off the presentation with "Things are really gonna suck!" That made the "quote of the day" in the local paper.

In another ego booster, supposedly someone was having a chat in a private window but typed it into the the public window. It supposedly said something like "Yes! He really tells it like it is!" I think management needs to stop "government speak" when addressing issues. I heard an interview with someone from our regional office talking about low water levels in Lake Powell. The question came up about huge volumes of accumulated sediment. She danced around the subject and tried to push collaboration about dealing with the problem. The interviewer kept pushing for some sort of definitive answer, but she just kept dancing around the talking points. People smell bullshit. We should have sensible positions and stick with them and not give wishy washy answers that make no one happy.