April 22nd, 2021


Oscar-Nominated Documentaries

I finally watched the last of the nominated documentaries last night. I see that I covered most of them about a month ago. Oh well. A brief recap, then.

"Crip Camp" - My pick for winner. The history of the fight for rights for the disabled.

"Time" - Story of a man serving time in prison for a crime he committed. Terrible.

"My Octopus Teacher" - A year in the life of an octopus. Nice nature film.

"The Mole Agent" - An old man is sent undercover into a nursing home in Chile to look for abuse. While the movie is OK and a sad look into the lives of the elderly, it's sort of false advertising. There already is a documentary team filming inside the home, so the information he is providing, especially his secret film, is largely unnecessary. In the end the only "abuse" that's taking place is loneliness because they are forgotten by their families (if they even have any).

"Collective" - In 2015 there was a fire at a Romanian nightclub that killed 26 people. In the later days another 38 died of their injuries at hospitals. A reporter uncovers that most died of infections because the disinfectant had been diluted to save money. This starts a huge investigation into corruption in the country's medical system. A really good investigative documentary and probably my 2nd favorite.