May 16th, 2021


Covid Diaries - The Return to Normalcy

I was very shocked and pleased that the CDC lifted most restrictions a few days ago. I, personally, thought it was too soon and too abrupt, but I'll take it. There's lots of talk that it was politically motivated, and judging from the song and dance that the head of the CDC was doing on "Meet the Press," I'd say there probably is something to that. It's very welcome news to me since I will be hitting the road to Chicago next weekend to visit Mom. I'll be passing through Kansas which is one of the "totally open" states. Let's see how freaky it will feel going back to the old normal.

We expanded our bubble yesterday when a couple local furs asked if they could come over for dinner. We also invited scritchwuff and Kitty's friend, so it turned into a nice little dinner party. The weather was very cooperative once a windstorm caused by a collapsing thunderstorm settled down. It was nice just to sit and talk and catch up with our young friends.