May 17th, 2021



Ugh. The bane of warmer months has arrived. Ants. About a week ago the cats were giving us sorrowful glances. I wonder if their food bowls were empty? Nope. Just swarming with ants. Here we go! It is a yearly struggle to keep the little bastards at bay. Sometimes you can nuke the nest just right and be clear for several weeks. Other times it's like trying to plug the leaking dike where everyday a new "leak" will appear. Yesterday Kitty went into the kitchen and let out a yell. They were streaming from behind a light switch. Chemical weapons and baits were deployed. As for the cats, we bought an elevated bowl holder with only 4 small contact points on the ground. I smeared Vaseline on those points, so that should help keep them away from the food. The kitties were not thrilled with something new, but food was involved, so they adapted.