May 24th, 2021


Another Chicago Visit

A few weeks ago my uncle laid a guilt trip on me because my Mom's phone stopped working and he had to go over to see what the problem was. Answer: a circuit breaker had tripped and the phone lost power. He said she really needed more care (hint hint). Well, I plan on helping out more, but not until next year when I retire. So I planned on making an improptu trip home. I have taken off the week before Memorial Day before, so there was precedent. And it's not like I have any big plans to use my vacation time. I was just concerned that I might not be able to handle a road trip. I have been getting tired as of late, Could I still handle a 10-11 hour drive? Answer: Yes! In fact this was one of the best roadtrips I have taken. The first day I made it to Topeka KS. I then finished the drive the next day. It was totally relaxing and enjoyable.

When I got home I was a bit concerned because for some reason Mom had gotten confused and thought I was leaving ABQ on Sunday, not Saturday. Oy. But she was happy to see me "early." The house was very warm and stuffy. I wasted no time and got her air conditioners into the windows and working. I had a little trouble with one unit, so she immediately called my uncle. He said he would come right over. Oy. Anyway, he helped me get the unit fitting properly in the window, and I gave him shit for coming over (in a friendly way). I think he was happy to see that I had stepped up and came for a visit. It was fun ribbing him at every opportunity since he's always giving me and my sister shit about how we're "dealing with Mom." She's a tough independent woman. In my opinion the more she feels her own independence, the better she is.

The weirdest part of the whole visit so far was when Mom called me into the bedroom and asked me to look below the window (where I was about to install one of the air conditioners). She said that earlier in the week there was something flying around the kitchen. She thought it was a small bird or big bug. She tried hitting it with a fly swatter. She said it looked like a bat. A bat?!? She didn't want to tell anyone because she feared they would say she had dementia. There was something dead on the floor near the window. Yup. It was a friggin' bat!! How the hell it got into the house is a huge mystery. Mom keeps the place pretty much locked down. She almost never opens windows, and all of the windows have screens. She almost never goes outside. How this thing got into the house is beyond me.