May 27th, 2021


The Visit So Far

Everything has been going very well in Chicago. The highlights of the visit have been the shopping trips I have taken Mom on. She hasn't been out of the house hardly at all since the pandemic started. She is always lamenting that she misses going out to shop. She needed to deposit a check at her bank, so I took that opportunity to get her out of the house. We went to the bank and then I took her to the store. She had a great time walking around looking at all of the products. On the way home she was beaming with happiness, even saying, "Oh! That was just like Christmas!" Yesterday I wanted to make my usual run to the Polish market to get beer and sausage. Once again I loaded her up and we took a drive to the southern reaches of the City. Once again she had a great time looking at everything in the store. When she got home her brother called her on the phone. You could hear the excitement in her voice that she had had a wonderful day out of the house. Afterwards we had a long talk about her wants and needs. I told her that her brother had been giving me (and my sister) shit about not taking care of her. I was happy to hear that for the most part we are on the same wavelength. Her needs are simple and few. She's happy to be alive and able to take care of herself with just a little help from her caregiver. Right now there is nothing more that needs to be done. She is content. That's all I needed to hear. I'll be available to help if called upon, but right now everything is fine. I'll talk to my cousin today. I'll see if she can be available to help if something suddenly arises.